What is Orviss Consulting?

Orviss Consulting has been set up to support clients looking for a more commercial, pragmatic and responsive approach to advisory services. Kate’s reputation, built up from working in major international law firms for over 25 years, is that of an extremely well connected expert in relation to major projects and more specifically of supporting clients active in the healthcare market looking to operate internationally.

“Kate Orviss is very impressive, not just for the advice she provides but for her knowledge of the industry and her passion for driving forward UK healthcare globally.” David Shrimpton, Managing Director, Royal Brompton & Harefield Specialist Care

By working with Orviss Consulting you will have access to Kate’s knowledge and expertise, to her significant network, market insight and commercial objectivity and to her ability to manage projects and professionals effectively. All of these elements will be deployed to supporting you to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Why Choose Orviss Consulting?

Kate’s background is as a major projects lawyer, operating on complex projects acting for procuring authorities, funders, sponsors and sub-contractors. She has been operating in this space since 1995 and has personally led the team on more than 25 PPP Projects to reach Financial Close. Kate was at international law firm, Pinsent Masons, for 20 years before setting up Orviss Consulting. Most recently Kate focused entirely on clients in the healthcare sector with a particular focus of supporting them on navigating their international journey. She has experience of advising on transactions in the UK, Qatar, Hong Kong, India, The Gambia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Ethiopia.

Kate is highly experienced in bringing teams together and collaborating – both internally (not only was Kate the lead relationship partner for a number of key client relationships, she set up the Global Healthcare Projects Team bringing together healthcare and life sciences experts across the Pinsent Masons global network) and externally (working as an integral part of her clients’ trusted advisory teams and with international counsel in multiple jurisdictions). She also has a very comprehensive network of clients and contacts right across the healthcare sector, particularly those looking at opportunities outside the UK.
Kate therefore brings together the unique combination of a market-leading, independently recognised legal background with a strategic vision to support clients looking to operate on a cross-border basis. She is able to advise on transaction structures and strategic direction, bringing the benefit of her pragmatic and commercial approach to whoever she is working with. 

Our Services



Providing a pragmatic, strategic and highly responsive approach to review and development of commercial documentation building on my extensive experience which leaves you free to focus on developing more business opportunities (allowing you to concentrate on your “day job”).


Strategic Development

Supporting you when you are looking to develop your strategy about how to further access and develop commercial opportunities so that your many and varied ideas can be refined and the most likely ones to succeed implemented.


Invaluable Contacts

Understanding your business and utilising my extensive network to bring together the right like-minded individuals to work together to make things happen rather than you “getting lucky” in relation to who you meet or wasting time meeting lots of the wrong people.


Legal Team Selection

Helping you identify, select and manage legal advisers to ensure that you get appropriate legal support wherever you may look to do business – it is not as easy as it might seem to find the right legal expert for the right piece of work. Or to drive best value from your legal advisers once you’ve found them.


Project Structuring

Sharing my extensive experience of structuring, implementing and delivering complex healthcare projects (which are different to other economic infrastructure projects) in a range of jurisdictions so that you are able to build on my knowledge not waste time reinventing the wheel or not learning from what has happened in other jurisdictions.


Project Management

Acting as an independent and objective leader, bringing together teams of people towards a common purpose and relieving the individual team members of undue burden of the furtherance of the common goal


Risk Analysis

Helping you work out whether what seems like a great opportunity is really as great as it seems and if it is helping you implement it and if it isn’t helping you realise that quickly and move on


PPP Expert

With 25 years of experience of Public Private Partnership models in the UK and across numerous other jurisdictions and sectors (but most recently healthcare and why this sector has particular challenges as opposed to other sectors), acting for all key stakeholders I have a 360 degree view of the key issues that make a PPP Project viable. I have given numerous presentations at a range of internationally facing conferences on Healthcare PPP particularly.

Kate Orviss By the Numbers

Countries Visited

Projects to Financial Close

Years Experience

Countries Worked In

Kate Orviss has a wealth of experience handling PPP projects, especially in the healthcare sector. One client reports: "Kate is an excellent partner who is able to grasp complex issues and help us develop new solutions.”

Chambers & Partners 2020

Kate shows leadership and does not hold back in giving her views but is also politically savvy and is willing to compromise.

Kate Orviss is "good to deal with and practical," according to market commentators. She makes use of extensive experience handling social infrastructure developments, particularly in the healthcare space. Her clients include contractors on international projects.

– Chambers & Partners 2019

Kate had tremendous energy and enthusiasm and is good at motivating others. Kate has good judgement and insight and is a go to person for me. She is a very effective leader.

Energy, enthusiasm, positivity, ambition. Articulate, credible and confident speaker. Fantastic market profile. Great role model.

Leading Individual for Healthcare – 2019 and 2020

– Legal 500

Kate is enthusiastic, committed and driven. She is passionate about what she does and is very good at making connections. She is collaborative and funny.


Working alongside and instructing Kate one can only admire her extremely sharp mind which results in a perception of ideas, a crystallisation of thought, and ultimately a quick solution of problems.

Dr Paul Ettlinger

Founder, The London General Practice

Having worked with Kate for the last 13 years across a number of different PPP sectors where she has been acting for all sides involved in PPP transactions (Client, Consortium, SubContractors and Funders), the pragmatic and responsive service she and the teams she managed has been of the highest standards in ensuring projects are delivered on time, on budget and most importantly delivering their key strategic objectives. 

Especially over the last 5 years, using her network of both Public and Private Sector contacts, Kate has been invaluable in being able to develop strategic opportunities for investment into services for the Public Sector, especially in the Healthcare Sector. 

Kate brings a pragmatic approach to the delivery of schemes she has been involved with using her knowledge and experiences gained throughout a number of different sectors, but for me the most important thing in the time I have worked with Kate is the ability to have, at times, difficult conversations that are inevitable in the development of key large scale infrastructure projects, but maintaining a strong, healthy working relationship for the benefit of all involved.

David Rose

I have worked with Kate Orvis for the past 5 years and she was a great Ambassador for her company, as well as for the British expertise in the Healthcare sector. She was very supportive in many ways and we could always count on her in linking us to the key people in the healthcare sector in UK. She also has amazing skills in organising events and networking opportunities.

Kate is very approachable with a very wide knowledge and great experience, she is very well connected inside and outside of UK, and her professionalism and enthusiasm are key in her success. We are so grateful to all her support and cooperation. I wish Kate all the best in her new adventure and I am looking forward to continue our fruitful collaboration.

Donja El Gendy

Senior Commercial Attache - Qatar Lead for Education, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Department for International Trade

Kate is an absolute joy to work with, she not only brings her wealth of healthcare industry knowledge but an unparalleled desire to truly achieve something great for the UK healthcare market. Kate is extremely efficient and resourceful and ensures all angles have always been thought through.
One of Kate’s greatest assets is her ability to truly integrate and become part of the team, sheimmerses herself in a genuine and caring manner as a result optimal productivity is achieved when Kate is a part of a project.
Ruku Bibi

Business Development Manager – Private Patients, Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care

Kate is an inspiration to anyone who has ever worked with her. She demonstrates professionalism in every matter she handles with great ease. The most important point I believe is that while she focuses on the work immensely, she never makes the client feel as if the work is a burden -but on the contrary- a great joy. She takes all alarming situations as a very enjoyable math problem to be solved. On the other hand, she always brings something extra to the table. All of our mutual clients were very impressed by the outcome and the positive environment that she creates which really adds up to the relationship with the counterparties. It is not easy to find such a bright person. It is also not easy to find someone with this amount of experience. It is almost impossible to find someone who could energize the whole team with brilliant ideas with such a positive attitude. Kate is all of that and more. I feel very lucky to have worked with her and I still receive credit for being her team member.

Idil Bozoglu

Partner, Arikan Law Firm (Turkey)

I was introduced to Kate Orviss about 18 months ago when I was working on a Hospital PPP project in the Middle East. I was told that she was the expert in healthcare PPP projects and that she had global and regional experience in this area. After one conversation with her, this proved very true. She had a breadth of knowledge and real life experience that she was very open in sharing. Her advice was very useful and pragmatic in assisting me on directing my client in the right way. When I was asked to put together a panel of speakers for a healthcare conference, one with PPP knowledge, I immediately thought of Kate. She is very easy and flexible to work with, and because she was able to share such practical and genuine examples and case studies, the audience was fully engaged. I look forward to having more opportunities to work with Kate.

Rebecca Samuel

Senior Director, GE Healthcare Partners

I have worked with Kate over a period of time reviewing some rather complex agreements involving multiple stakeholders and several jurisdictions. She is very amiable, knowledgeable, practical and down to earth. She is reliable too, appreciated our tight deadlines and ensured the draft templates were ready on time.

Paula Sofowora

Director Legal Risk and Compliance, International Planned Parenthood Federation

Horizons will forever be grateful to Kate Orviss. Health sector development in sub-Saharan Africa is very challenging at the best of times. So when Horizons embarked on health service development project using an innovative social enterprise model, it was critical to have a legal mind that not only understood what was required in terms of a corporate structure but someone who was pragmatic and strategic. What works in a European private healthcare setting was unlikely to work in The Gambia or indeed other sub-Saharan African countries. Kate Orviss has been providing outstanding support to Horizons for the last 4 years, navigating at times extremely difficult negotiations with large development banks. Kate Orviss’ skills go far beyond her obvious healthcare expertise; the huge added value Kate brought to bear was her extensive global connections, an unrivalled can do attitude and most importantly empathy, all of which have been invaluable and necessary ingredients for such a bespoke project in a usually challenge healthcare setting.

James N’Dow

Chairman, Social Enterprise Healthcare Venture, The Gambia

Having had the pleasure of working with Kate Orviss, working in multi-country medical technology projects requires a unique set of skill sets and also an ability to understand and master the various legal, technical and commercial aspects of these complex projects. I am happy to share the very positive experience of having worked with Ms Kate Orviss and she has my warm recommendations

Fredrik Gyllenram

Head Global Enterprise Account Management, Philips

Kate Orviss has shown herself to have an outstanding detailed in-depth knowledge of both Private and Public Healthcare provision in the UK, unrivalled by many if any other solicitors, and with a broad range of knowledge across the sector that will prove to be invaluable in her new consultancy.

David Kerr

Partner & Head of Healthcare - London Markets, Cushman & Wakefield

Over the years that I have known Kate, I have found her market insight, and her focus on building and maintaining connections between others, hugely valuable. When stepping into the unknown, exploring new markets and partnering opportunities these skills are essential.

Andrew Wells (personal statement)

Client Director, Healthcare, Serco Middle East

With her positive energy and commitment added to her broad experience in project finance, Kate is an invaluable asset to the successful completion of any transaction. I am looking forward to working with Kate in her new and exciting business.

Naila Ramsay

Partner, Sharkawy & Sarhan (Egypt)

Engage With Orviss Consulting 

Before any work can commence we would need to have a discussion (free of charge) to clarify your needs and how Orviss Consulting can best support. 


This would give you unrestricted access to me for general advice, suggestions, ideas – basically acting as a sounding board, tapping into my considerable commercial expertise and well known pragmatic approach. The scope of the Retainer could also include high level review of documents – the specifics of your needs will be taken into account when we agree the pricing for the Retainer.

The Retainer isn’t where we implement specific projects – those would be the subject of a separate arrangement – but it does secure access to me, whatever your question. This means you don’t have to make an investment decision every time you may need some help.


Project Based Fee

This approach would be best utilised where you have a specific need and we would need to discuss and agree the scope of the Project, timescales and level of input required. Only once we are agreed on a fee will work commence.


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